ESP System

The GoRigless™ ESP System integrates an outer Permanent Completion Assembly, a Retrievable Assembly and an UpCable™ Power Delivery System. The Permanent Completion Assembly is deployed with the tubing string by a rig and remains in the well as part of the permanent completion for the life of the well. The Retrievable Assembly can be removed and redeployed through tubing with conventional, light intervention equipment. The Retrievable Assembly includes the pump and an AccessESP ultra-reliable permanent magnet motor that can be quickly recovered from the well for service to avoid expensive heavy interventions with a rig.

  • 500- to 12,000-BOPD wells with intervention costs exceeding $500,000
  • 4.5- to 7-in. casing
  • 130- to 1,000-hp ultra-reliable permanent magnet motors
  • Most ESP suppliers’ pumps
  • Slickline, braided line, CT or tractor conveyance
  • Live well intervention
  • Fullbore access below the completion
  • Tubing does not need to be pulled or the well killed to resize a pump or replace equipment
  • Subsea, dry tree, ERD and land ESP wells
  • Late-life gas-lift wells with high water cut
  • Wells with heavy-weight kill fluid that must be removed before flowing naturally
  • Long-life wells where installing a Permanent Completion Assembly avoids a heavy intervention